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New e-scooter contract awarded

Zipp Mobility has been named the new provider of an e-scooter and e-bike scheme in the town, with a launch event coming soon.

The new providers signed the contract on 18 April and will be introducing 300 e-scooters and 25 e-bikes from 28 May.

Savio DeCruz, AD Operations, Regeneration, Housing and Environment, said: “I am delighted we have appointed Zipp Mobility to this contract and am excited to see it all launch. I look forward to our residents being able to choose more active modes of travel, using the fantastic e-bikes and e-scooters.

“Our residents and commuters enjoyed having access to the e-scooters in our previous scheme. I hope they will make use of this new scheme and take part in some more active travel methods.

“For anyone using the e-scooters or e-bikes, we ask that they return them to any designated return points and are respectful and considerate of other residents.”

Zipp Mobility has some safety features in place, including:
•    e-scooters with a shorter board than other operators, to discourage dual-riding
•    parking in marked bays only, increasing tidiness and safety for other road users
•    maintaining the e-scooters to a high standard, with regular ‘mystery shopping’ checks
•    indicators and brakes on the e-scooters, for better communication with other road users.

Damian Young, Chief Executive at Zipp Mobility said: “We are thrilled to be awarded this contract in Slough and look forward to working with local teams and users to bring a first class, environmentally friendly, mode of transport to the region.”

Look out for a launch in the town centre soon.

The previous e-scooter scheme, which was part of a wider national trial, ended in November 2022.

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